International Students Service

Studying in the United States

If you were educated outside of the United States and are seeking admission to an American college or university, it is important not to underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission. College admission officers advise that you should start actively researching colleges that will best serve your academic goals well in advance of deadlines. It may take months to complete admission requirements, including admission tests such as TOEFLGREGMAT.


Education Planning

Today,  international transfer students and graduates are actively seeking assistance, advice, and guidance throughout the college or graduate school application process. ACCS helps international applicants who want to continue their studies in the United States to achieve their goals. Our goal is to provide professional assistance and guidance to students through the entire enrollment process.

Full Service Option

Our experts in the field of international education guide students through the admission process and until the beginning of the academic year in the college or university of their choice. ACCS provides educational consulting, assists in the college search and application process, advises on writing essays and developing personal statements.

Individualized Services

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