High School Students

Do you want to study in a college of your dream? We will help!

If you are a high school student looking for advisory service that helps you prepare for college admission, educational consultants at ACCS will help you to achieve your highest goals. We will assist you at all stages of your education and career quest, providing professional advice, comprehensive guidance, and individual support. We will help you to choose a college that matches your academic, social and career goals, bringing into focus your special strengths and aptitudes.

Our Approach

Our consultants possess the highest level of professionalism, competence, and personal integrity. We believe that these qualities are the essential elements of the services offered by ACCS professionals to the students and families seeking educational guidance, assistance, and advice.

Full Service Option

Full service provides personal counseling with the student and parents throughout the entire registration process. It includes college search, evaluation of academic records, career orientation, development of a college list, testing service referrals, registration assistance, college application development, college essay assistance, assistance in completing financial aid applications (FAFSA • PROFILE • Student Loan • Plus Loan), and monthly report of the counseling experience with individual recommendations on ongoing college planning.

Individualized Services

College Search
College Application Development
Evaluation of Records and Preferences
College Essay Advice
Personal Statement Development
Financial Aid Application Assistance
Resume Assistance
Career Advice
Financial Aid Planning

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